Call 999 – and expect a clean ride every time

Every day, you see them thundering down busy roads, their sirens blaring in a fury as they rush to the scene of an accident. They load people onto gurneys in a hurry, administer rapid medical procedures and cart them to hospital in a blur of blue flashing lights and fearless momentum.

Yet paramedics on the frontline seldom receive the credit they deserve.

As the strain of budget cuts to the NHS begin to show, the mistakes of ambulance workers have become increasingly prominent in the media. Ambulances suffer delays or lose a patient and are then pilloried by the local press.

Paramedics are, however, some of the hardest working people in the industry – and they’re success rate is impressive.

Racing to success

According to national statistics from NHS England, 76.7 per cent of Red One calls (those of the highest priority) were responded to in less than eight minutes. Meanwhile, Red Two calls enjoyed a 73.2 per cent success rate.

More than this, ambulances suffer this rush while maintaining a vehicle to meet the same hygiene standards you’d find in a hospital.

Although the cleanliness of ambulances is under less scrutiny from local authorities, the Healthcare Commission investigated the South Western Ambulance NHS Trust and found that hygiene practice was followed to the letter in a large majority of cases.

We’re dedicated to helping the emergency services in their quest for perfect hygiene – with our ambulance cleaning services.

Not every vehicle has the time to be cleaned from top to bottom. But with our help, your hospital’s battalion of ambulances wont’ get bogged down by bad press. So they can continue their fearlessness unhindered.