Flood Affected Film Fans Stream from Sodden Cinema

June isn’t a month you’d typically associate with floods.

But cinemagoers in London were faced with a scene reminiscent of a modern-day Poseidon Adventure recently after they became stranded on a waterlogged street in Victoria.

However, this particular flood wasn’t caused by a tidal wave or some other natural disaster, but rather by a burst main causing water to gush into the Curzon Cinema.

This led to some film fans having to be carried to safety by firefighters, as the road turned into a “fast flowing river”, while the flooded cinema was forced to close its doors due to the damage caused by the water.

Act Fast to Avoid Lasting Damage

Evidently, floods can happen at any time, with the after-effects often devastating for homes and businesses, causing severe damage to floors, walls, furniture and even the structural integrity of the building.

Consequently, if your business is affected, it’s important to act fast.

One call is all it takes for our professionals to get to work dealing with the damage, making sure your property and equipment is cleaned, disinfected and returned to the condition it was in before the floodwater hit.

Importantly, our highly trained experts will eliminate any health risks associated with hazardous floodwaters, with specialist odour removal techniques used if there are any lingering smells after the incident.

To learn more about floodwater damage cleanup from Rentokil Specialist Hygiene, please don’t hesitate to get in touch today – we’d be delighted to help.