Making a toast to drinking raw sewage

Craft beer has been frothing up the brewery industry for the past few years, with runaway successes like Brew Dog taking the world by storm – but controversy is being raised thanks to a new flavour being used by a US beer manufacturer.

The reason? Their latest ingredient is sewage.

According to national newspaper the Mirror, sewage treatment company Clean Water Services will treat the sewage before passing it on to microbrewers, who’ll then create five to 10 barrels of this unique wretch-worthy beverage.

A safe sewage beverage?

Robert Baumgartner, an assistant director of Clean Water Services, said, "By highlighting craft beer, a product Oregon is known for around the world, the project will seek to engage... people everywhere in a conversation about water."

Thanks to the treatment centre’s methods, the company has claimed their water will be 100 per cent safe to drink. But many residents have expressed consternation at the plans, with some worried that it’s a poor substitute for clean water.

We deal with sewage every day in our cleaning services, and can attest with certainty to its toxic nature. And although we’re sure that Clean Water Services will take every opportunity to make their sewage safe for consumption, our advice is simple – don’t try this at home!