Trio of Sparrows Wreak Hygiene Havoc at Supermarket

Customers at an Asda supermarket in Crawley have been left scratching their heads in bemusement and horror recently after finding bird droppings and feathers near the store’s fresh food.

The excrement and cast off plumage have come courtesy of three stubborn sparrows who’ve used the West Sussex supermarket as a makeshift home.

Up to now, efforts to remove the protected species from the store have been unsuccessful, with some customers growing concerned about food hygiene and contamination.

Indeed, if foodstuffs are contaminated with avian diseases, it opens up the potential for serious illness, although supermarket bosses have assured customers the birds’ whereabouts are being “closely monitored” and that there’s no risk to food safety.

Understanding the Damage of Bird Droppings

Of course, bird droppings in areas where fresh food is stored is a nightmare for supermarket chiefs and customers alike, but the damage caused to the exterior of buildings and equipment can be just as harmful.

You may find it hard to believe, but bird droppings actually contain large amount of acid, which means the tar on your company’s roof and your pretty painted surfaces can be easily corroded by our feathered friends.

Not only that, but your ventilation system can also come under attack – clogged ducts can potentially lead to your business forking out for expensive repairs – whilst diseases like cryptococcosis, histoplasmosis and psittacosis may run riot if the problem isn’t dealt with.

But help is at hand.

At Rentokil Specialist Hygiene, you can trust our technicians to clean and sanitise any areas of your premises tainted with bird droppings, ensuring damage to your reputation is avoided and the property is ready to welcome the next crop of customers.

For more information about bird droppings removal, or any of our other specialist services, please get in touch with a member of the team today – we’d be delighted to talk you through the options open to your business.